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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A list of books that I loved growing up:

The Taste Of Blackberries
Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet
Where the Red Fern Grows
Bless Me Ultima
The Velveteen Rabbitt
What the Moon Brought
Aesop's Fables
There is a skeleton of a bridge, partially burned.
It spans the distance between my sadness and his indifference..
Nothing I can't get over him nothing to get over-
Why should I accept the loss of a friend?
Maybe because he has.
Good-bye Columbus,
San Francisco
San Diego

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Man, it has been a wild few weeks. "Emotional Bootcamp", if you will. The little guy has an intestinal bug, and I have been up with him at all hours. School is blazing towards and end and Jorge's passing has made me look back to look forward.

I miss Microhylbert.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

whatcha got tommy?

Friday, April 14, 2006

poor tommyboy..the humilation

So today is my birthday and I went to save what was listed as a FEMALE puppy from being euthanized at the puppy prison in Marion, Arkansas. Marion has a swamp,a golf course, a subway sandwich shop (probably a francise) and lots of places to leave bodies that will never be found. Oh, and an animal shelter which requires a PhD in in quantum physics to find. Now, since I am not one of those license carrying car drivers, I called my trusty friend Spanky to help me in my pursuit of said puppy.We could not find the place, and ended up off roading Dukes of Hazzard style through the wild back woods of Ar-kansas. Then we found the little hole of an animal shelter-and let the games begin. TheMALE puppy had a little stomach upset so they sent us to the animal clinic which they would pay for. The car ride was a bit long and the puppy got car sick. They ran a series of tests and then sent us on our way. The puppy then urinated,shit, and vomited all before we got to my house-in Spanky's truck.Spanky was silent in a way that spoke volumes. Now I am home with Jorge (the chocolate cubanarican lab) and tommyboy is pouting. I should be sterilized-I ruined my dog.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

So I got mad. I got drunk.I fell. I FELL out of my house. Hard to do, mind you, being that most houses come with doors and windows to prevent that sort of thing. Yup, thats a fact. I manage sprained both ankles, one severely. Ouch. Being a hypochondriac (read-jew)I became convinced that I had compound fractures and was afarid to move or look.My friend had to coax me off the porch. I am a winner.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I don't know you,but I know you are a friend of nadia's.And you don't have any of those weird super shopped technicolor photos in hot pants-which from my post far away-already seems like a plus
I met jorge 11 years ago. My best friend from Highschool (who left for SF a year before me) met him and his alpaca sweater (no shit)-in line at the sfsu bookstore her 3rd day in the city. He and I became friends and a year and half later, he started dating Nadia, my roommate in college,my sister, this beautiful-open book that I never bored of reading.
her and I used to argue and both ex-patriate from the dorm and go to jorge's appartment to bitch about each other.
we were children really, and now that we are adults, the skeletons,vestiges of that time still remain.
I can't believe this. but I can. in all honestly I thought it would be her that would pass. He always was on the fringe-partied a little too hard and often. She would yell at me, for the 5 years I knew her-if I brought drugs into the home. when she started using coke-I feared the worst.And the guilt I feel for putting value on anyone's life, no less one life over another- is immense.
I hope to meet you, I hope you are with her. let me know if there is anything I can do.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jorge and Nadia met because he was dating my best friend at the time and Nadia was my roommate. That was almost 10 years ago and they were still together until he overdosed and died Sunday.
Jorge is one of those people who you can't hate-but should never trust. He is fun and charismatic-but a whole lot of trouble. When he was backpacking through Asia he kept sending me cryptic emails using lingo from William S. Burroughs books. He kept giving me instructions on how to handle the 'blackmeat'. As it was, he had sent copious amounts of opium to the house for us to stash until he returned.
He was wonderful-but manipulative. When he and Jamie broke up, somehow I ended up on his team. He convinced me that Jamie was a pathological liar, etc. Here was this beautiful person who had been there for my entire adolesence but I couldn't trust her. I don't know why I believed him-but no one does-you just do.
I became concerned with his behaviour when I saw how he manifested in Nadia. She was the sweet, big hearted, catty, fun hippie girl in the city. She actually bought bijou phillips album-and listened to it. That makes her 1 in a billion. On the few occasions I did drugs or brought them into the house-Nadia was angry with me. Pot was okay, mushrooms were do-able-she was from Hippie stock-but nothing chemical.
When I got back from Italy, Nadia was wearing hot pink and doing cocaine like it was 1982. It was right before the Dot coms went bust and SF was full of young people with too much money. She was going to clubs and using all kinds of stuff, being narcissistic and self-centered-being an open book, an easy soul, I could see all of Jorge's flaws in her.
That was 6 years ago- and I guess she steadily declined, with him, into this weird vortex of drugs and empty.
I don't blame him-she was of her own free will. But he damaged her with his life and now his death.
I am angry at him for being so stupid.
I am scared for her and how this will affect her.
I hope it frees her.
I just don't know.

Monday, April 03, 2006

now that is what I call a happy puppy!

I love my puppy. He is even more fun now that he is getting big-though admittedly, he is a huge force of destruction if not monitored. The fact that people can abuse animals is so beyond me. Oh, and he is birth control as well. He insists on sleeping between Terry and I, and so it is. we sleep like a pack of wolves.He took Terry's pillow out from under his head so he could have it for himself. Cutie.

As I sit here, seething, there is a pro-choice rally going on-which was interrupted by a pro-life rally. Not to be outdone by a peaceful grouping of people coming together to exchange information- the pro-lifers set up shop, flanked by large posters of hacked up fetus and uterine linings, and shouting that "ABORTION IS THE NEW HOLOCAUST!!!".
Now regardless of how I feel about abortion, that is just offensive. As a card carrying member of the the Jewish party, and having lost family in the Holocaust, let me tell you-there just isn't a comparison.
People were taken against there will-and yes,the grab bag of cells and blood that are taken don't consent either-but it is because they can't. They aren't people, they are the foundation-not the house. A life unlived is sad-but a life lived then mutilated in a concentration camp is a whole other can of worms.
The fever pitch caused by the abortion debate is mind numbing. Under Bush we are devolving legally,culturally, and spiritually. The whole point of Roe V. Wade was not murder-but privacy. The government should not have the right to invade your body or affect the relationship you have with your physician.
Previous to Roe V. Wade, women used hangers and bicycle spokes, herbs and poisons to end pregnacies.Roe V. Wade gave women privacy and regulation. Making Abortion illegal will not change the numbers of women of terminate pregnancies-it will only terminate how many women will do so safely.
I hate the south.

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