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Friday, April 14, 2006

So today is my birthday and I went to save what was listed as a FEMALE puppy from being euthanized at the puppy prison in Marion, Arkansas. Marion has a swamp,a golf course, a subway sandwich shop (probably a francise) and lots of places to leave bodies that will never be found. Oh, and an animal shelter which requires a PhD in in quantum physics to find. Now, since I am not one of those license carrying car drivers, I called my trusty friend Spanky to help me in my pursuit of said puppy.We could not find the place, and ended up off roading Dukes of Hazzard style through the wild back woods of Ar-kansas. Then we found the little hole of an animal shelter-and let the games begin. TheMALE puppy had a little stomach upset so they sent us to the animal clinic which they would pay for. The car ride was a bit long and the puppy got car sick. They ran a series of tests and then sent us on our way. The puppy then urinated,shit, and vomited all before we got to my house-in Spanky's truck.Spanky was silent in a way that spoke volumes. Now I am home with Jorge (the chocolate cubanarican lab) and tommyboy is pouting. I should be sterilized-I ruined my dog.


Blogger Tiergan said...

How's the new pup doing?

I gave the truck a thorough cleaning over the weekend. Well, the inside of it, anyway. It smells like Febreeze now. I'm okay with that. =)

10:58 AM  
Blogger tideliar said...

Happy Birthday Babe!! Your old bar now sucks. Hoop is cool, but you aren't there to give me free shots till I puke anymore :(

12:33 PM  

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