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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jorge and Nadia met because he was dating my best friend at the time and Nadia was my roommate. That was almost 10 years ago and they were still together until he overdosed and died Sunday.
Jorge is one of those people who you can't hate-but should never trust. He is fun and charismatic-but a whole lot of trouble. When he was backpacking through Asia he kept sending me cryptic emails using lingo from William S. Burroughs books. He kept giving me instructions on how to handle the 'blackmeat'. As it was, he had sent copious amounts of opium to the house for us to stash until he returned.
He was wonderful-but manipulative. When he and Jamie broke up, somehow I ended up on his team. He convinced me that Jamie was a pathological liar, etc. Here was this beautiful person who had been there for my entire adolesence but I couldn't trust her. I don't know why I believed him-but no one does-you just do.
I became concerned with his behaviour when I saw how he manifested in Nadia. She was the sweet, big hearted, catty, fun hippie girl in the city. She actually bought bijou phillips album-and listened to it. That makes her 1 in a billion. On the few occasions I did drugs or brought them into the house-Nadia was angry with me. Pot was okay, mushrooms were do-able-she was from Hippie stock-but nothing chemical.
When I got back from Italy, Nadia was wearing hot pink and doing cocaine like it was 1982. It was right before the Dot coms went bust and SF was full of young people with too much money. She was going to clubs and using all kinds of stuff, being narcissistic and self-centered-being an open book, an easy soul, I could see all of Jorge's flaws in her.
That was 6 years ago- and I guess she steadily declined, with him, into this weird vortex of drugs and empty.
I don't blame him-she was of her own free will. But he damaged her with his life and now his death.
I am angry at him for being so stupid.
I am scared for her and how this will affect her.
I hope it frees her.
I just don't know.


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