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Monday, April 03, 2006

As I sit here, seething, there is a pro-choice rally going on-which was interrupted by a pro-life rally. Not to be outdone by a peaceful grouping of people coming together to exchange information- the pro-lifers set up shop, flanked by large posters of hacked up fetus and uterine linings, and shouting that "ABORTION IS THE NEW HOLOCAUST!!!".
Now regardless of how I feel about abortion, that is just offensive. As a card carrying member of the the Jewish party, and having lost family in the Holocaust, let me tell you-there just isn't a comparison.
People were taken against there will-and yes,the grab bag of cells and blood that are taken don't consent either-but it is because they can't. They aren't people, they are the foundation-not the house. A life unlived is sad-but a life lived then mutilated in a concentration camp is a whole other can of worms.
The fever pitch caused by the abortion debate is mind numbing. Under Bush we are devolving legally,culturally, and spiritually. The whole point of Roe V. Wade was not murder-but privacy. The government should not have the right to invade your body or affect the relationship you have with your physician.
Previous to Roe V. Wade, women used hangers and bicycle spokes, herbs and poisons to end pregnacies.Roe V. Wade gave women privacy and regulation. Making Abortion illegal will not change the numbers of women of terminate pregnancies-it will only terminate how many women will do so safely.
I hate the south.


Blogger tideliar said...

it's not the south. you get this psuedo-evangelical christian bullshit forced down your throat everywhere. It's the new class war...

1:48 PM  

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