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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I don't know you,but I know you are a friend of nadia's.And you don't have any of those weird super shopped technicolor photos in hot pants-which from my post far away-already seems like a plus
I met jorge 11 years ago. My best friend from Highschool (who left for SF a year before me) met him and his alpaca sweater (no shit)-in line at the sfsu bookstore her 3rd day in the city. He and I became friends and a year and half later, he started dating Nadia, my roommate in college,my sister, this beautiful-open book that I never bored of reading.
her and I used to argue and both ex-patriate from the dorm and go to jorge's appartment to bitch about each other.
we were children really, and now that we are adults, the skeletons,vestiges of that time still remain.
I can't believe this. but I can. in all honestly I thought it would be her that would pass. He always was on the fringe-partied a little too hard and often. She would yell at me, for the 5 years I knew her-if I brought drugs into the home. when she started using coke-I feared the worst.And the guilt I feel for putting value on anyone's life, no less one life over another- is immense.
I hope to meet you, I hope you are with her. let me know if there is anything I can do.


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