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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Laundry List:Vegas Edition

Las Vegas



A rally in solidarity

stolen kisses

something soft and without words.

vodka and blackjack

really good tuna melts

hookers who know where the condoms are at 2am


desert dust meets casino glitz

a vengeful sun after a night of sexual insomnia

both loud and subversive.

my future.
mine alone.

Don't forget

I love you.

So, for those of you who have come into this show late in the game, let the Mistress give a you a little History lesson.

Most of you know me as a wild wine drinking traveller with an atlas and no sense of direction.
well, I always have been a victim of some serious wanderlust, but I used to have some sense of where I was headed.

Summer of 2oo1,I was dividing my time between northern and southern california, doing something I loved, dating someone I truly loved and res.ected...I was about to graduate college...everything seemed .erfect.

Then reality came knocking. We were young, I didn't want to bend my life to fit his, he didn't know what he wanted from me or from life. We divided.

I cried, in a beanbag, in my livingroom, while watching hours of "Law and Order" reruns.I couldn't eat or feel. Then I graduated and there was the attack on the towers in NYC. My direction was lost under a sadness I couldn't see around or my way out of.

I went to Italy. Then Guatemala.Then here. I decided I would avoid California and the life that I lost there.

Flash forward six years. I am offered a job doing what I was doing in 2oo1, by the guy I was doing 2oo1.

I fly to Vegas to begin the interviewing .rocess and he flys out to monitor the situation.


We met and found a similar rhythm and electricity. It was amazing. Until morning.

I didn't realize how much I missed him. I don't know if I believe that there is only one great love in our lives...but if its true,I bet he is it. Which makes me really sad.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I had a complete meltdown at work

We have a policy that large parties are automatically "service compris" and checks are not divided.

Educated diners don't have a problem with this. Idiots do. Ah, and this is a world full of idiots.

I was kind enough to divide the check for a table of overprivileged snot nosed kids. They were 19-22 with gold amex cards.

I made an error. And the girl told me to void off all the cards and start over. Well, I wasn't about to do that. Not for all the Karma that being kind to such vile collections of DNA would buy me.

Then a silver spoon dropped out of one of their mouthes long enough for her to insult me, my intelligence,the world at large...I can't even tell you what she said-the next thing I know I am throwing their credit cards in their perfectly corn-fed little aryan faces and screaming at them to, and I quote, "GET THE FUCK OUT,GO,GET THE FUCK OUT".

Man. My coworkers said that they saw me shake my head,rear back, and then that's when the yelling started. It is all really blurry for me.But they said all their customers were really,really nice.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Italians Only Blog

Ieri ho incontrato uno di Macedonia al lavoro. Lui diceva che americani non sanno niente delle altre culture etc...Ho detto " Ma non e vero, anche se non so molto di Macedonia, almeno so che avete una insalata di frutta molto buona". Lui mi guardava male. MALE! Ho s.iegato che in Italia la macedonia e una minestra di frutta.Che era una battuta.

ma una cosa che non avrai mai .ensato se non avessi incontrato cosa e diverso fra una insalata di frutta e una macedonia? e come si taglia la frutta? se si mette succo di frutta? E non dico che la macedonia e vicino L' Albania e una insalata di frutta si mangia in Italia.


chi na via fa