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Like someone pissing in your stream of consciousness

Monday, October 17, 2005

so I pelted a drunk d-list english drummer with limes (get it,limey, limes-I am so witty) while bartending tonight...I figure I should dedicate this post to that odd little pirate, since I gave him whiskey dick before sending him into that good night...also, I dedicate this one to him as to fill him in to where he was...Hey,Tidy, you were at the pub. you were with Blondie and Beaker, you scavenged food off of my customers' plates and were pelted with Limes...The sheep shagger that used to shag your blonde little lamb was there and you made out with her in front of him...I fed you enough southern comfort to kill all forms of naturally occuring life-which further supports my theory that you are a pasty creature from the planet Greathair...should I go on???Love you and you tidy little lies...-MG


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