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Thursday, September 15, 2005

okay can we just talk about how grumpy Mistress Gita is
>today...MG is so grumpy she is referring to
>herself in the third person...that is REALLY FUCKING
>GRUMPY...So I woke this morning and found that my ex
>(Enzo) had come to Florence as I have been ignoring
>his calls...I have been working these last couple days
>as a delivery girl and lost my delivery list...Enzo's
>in florence, I am a lost little delivery
>girl...Grumpy. Plus, I re-read the last email I got
>from John...REALLY FUCKING in the middle
>of all this I decided to take it out on Giovanni,
>becuase, well, because I could...he starts blowing up
>my cell (and yes,I did use the term 'blowing up') and
>I hang up on him. Fuck'um don't need'um.
> at this point in the story I decide to go to Paris.
>If I make it, I will leave tomorrow night...but there
>are some CD's I want to buy...its sort of either
>or...and I have been to Paris like 8 times but I don't
>own Kid see my dilemma...
> You know, I have never blamed men for the problems
>between men and women...cuz women are nutz and we are
>to blame as well...but that is all changing rather
>rapidly...I have gone out with almost every type of
>guy atleast once, not to mention representatives from
>most latin american the end,I am ALWAYS
>disappointed...I could blame myself...but that just
>isn't gonna happen...on to the next...
> my solution to all this...sundried tomatoes and
>chianti, fresh baked bread,Milan Kundera...or maybe I
>will go get ripped on sub-standard mojitos,and end up
>waking up next to giovanni,or my liver, or giovanni
>cuddling up next to my liver. God I am a sick fuck.


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