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Sunday, August 28, 2005

let's take inventory,shall we? In the three years I have been with my boyfriend I have : gained 10 pounds,lost my soul,broken 2 vibrators, and managed to get stuck in memphis with the horny blues again...

oh, and I, the wandering jew now have a big really big...51 inches. That works out to 51 more reasons why I am not getting 5 inches on a regular basis...I don't have a car folks...I don't own a piece of furniture-and I like that...but now my name is on the dotted line for this damn TV

I love the man,I do...but there are corpses getting laid more than I am.

Have you heard of "Hysteria"? I am there. The first vibrators were used by medical doctors to cure woman of hysteria, no shit. They believed an orgasm could cure this point I see that as a brillant deduction on the part of the medical community...

cock...need it.


Blogger Ed B. said...

I feel ya hon...well cept for the whole 'man-love' thing. It's annoying, the girls that are into me I don't care for, and the ones I do act like I don't exist. Oh well, more money for me.


2:59 PM  
Blogger contradictoryfool said...

I'd help ya out, but it doesn't quite reach from here...ah well, back to Pr0n. *fap fap fap*

2:25 AM  

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