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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

so there are things you do when you travel that you either wouldnt do normally or cant do-because laws in your native land forbid them...ive stowed away on trains...freak salsa-ed with an old guy at a club in a spanish mall...i drank too much of this drink that is illegal in thestates and now im leaving barcelona to spend a few days in this town a bit north of here with a 30 year old struggling writer from new orleans...if you ever come across a drink called,and i dont know how to spell it but it sounds like...ABESCYNTH...drink it but not too is illegal in most if not all states and you dont get drunk it comes on like a narcotic...i met up with nadia and she and i went out with these 2 guys from louisiana and i kept saying to her that she should chill out on the funny stuff cuz we are in a foreign country with two guys who we dont know...and i was fucked up big time-but still lucid...she ended up making a huge scene which was a some what welcome change...but when i finally stopped following her mess she lost her only jacket and atm to the streets of barcelona...and today i wake up sick...huge patches of nasty white in my throat...glands as big as spain...and i have to go find my roomate...and figure out the situation with going north...what am i doing here, is a fabulous city full of possibilties...and im far as soccer shorts ill see what i can do...maybe ill call you do figure out yer color scheme...also i want a tape of you playing music...i hope i make it back to the states without much more trouble...travelling alone wasn´t half as nice until i started hanging out with pèople and realized im better off alone...sonny terry has helped me deal...the Anodyne cd has also helped...except for new madrid because thats no fun with out you to chuckle with...later and much insanity-
Mistress Gita


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