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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Greetings from the great disaster that is my life...Things seem to be smoothing out a bit. I arrived andwas immediately struck down by a terrible flu, andRoma with terrible weather...but lucky for me, I had a calabrian farm boy, who made holistic elixirs to cureme...and lucky for roma, the clouds lifted to reveal amagnificent city...Man, everything moves so humming, peopleswishing by, vespas weaving in and out oftraffic...file it all under urban choreography. Roman street style is fun too...big sunglasses, lotsof color, lots of zippers and satin.Think New Yorkstreet chic meets Homey the Clown...The only negative element is living with my ex...inthe short time I have been here, my ex has reminded meof all the reasons we broke up, plus given me newreasons to want to live with him. It has been a longtime since I shared a room with someone I wasn'tsleeping with, and now I am sharing a room withsomeone I used to sleep with and no longer have thestomach to-which is infinitely more todayI yelled at him a string of disconnected Italianprofanity-and struck out alone in this big swirlingcity. Another thing,I thought i was done with Italianmen...I had one for love and one for sport-but thereare so many hot guys here...I feel like a kid in thecandy store...I move into my own place later thisweek-and I may have to get me some roman romance... later-me


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