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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

ah....sweet melancholia...Brian, I am so deep in thethrows of my quarter life crisis...and cocktailing istaking years off my life...I met a whole new breed ofman this weekend-the conventioneer...married men whoare away on business and decide after a few roundsthey want to bang the redhead serving drinks-whichwouldn't bother me much except I AM the red headserving was ugly. Then I had this bizarremoment which starred me, my razor, and a bout ofobsessive hair removal...lets just say I waschanneling Pink, from the Wall, except further southon the body...and now I can't masturbate withoutfeeling like I am molesting a 4 year old...Then somewhere in the middle of all this, I decide Imiss Jethro and I call him in tears...neither one ofus really knowing why....then I stay up all nightbaking cookies,drinking malt liquor,and crying untiljethro bangs on my door the next morning on his way towork neither one of us really knowing gottalaff, but it seems even when I try to stabilize, myneurotic, woody allen-esque qualities eek out and makefor high comedy and/or uncomfortable need to come visit...


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