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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

why I hate white people...

This guy in a bar last night in ANTIGUA,GUATEMALA told me I was 'angry' and that I needed to 'meditate'. Are you fucking kidding me? Had I not thrown back enuf tequila to kill a lesser life form, I probably would have killed him with my bare hands. We had gotten into this whole conversation about being americans...and I said that I was lucky, that I had the privilege of being from a wealthy country and pretty much had a passport to the world. And that is why I wanna organize the working class to overthrow the government. I was a little drunk. Um, anyways. That wasn't exactly how I put it, but more or less, I stopped short of quoting Marx, but I was more than half way there. Then he tells me I am a snob and I think I am better than the poor. I was like, no, I just accept that I have more opportunity and freedom cuz I am not a FUCKING KURDISH REFUGEE,GUY! and then he went on this trip about all the little happy indian people in Guatemala and how we jaded first worlders could never understand the simple beauty that they possess. Yeah, GUY! And if they get the shits, they die. They have no medical care, and in the Highlands a lot of birth defects due to lack of water and sanitation. Fucking Beautiful. Then we got back on the world tip, and I was like look buddy...I can tell you from experience I am privileged. When the cops picked us up in Germany, I was wasted, and illegal and they let me go. Had I been a FUCKING TURK, would have gone down a little differently...
Man..people are dumb. I am still fuming. Angry? Meditate? PuLeeze. Take it down a notch,Pops. Anyways, they are about to make this guy a saint in antigua and the pope is coming...I heard a rumor they are selling pope beach towels...I am all over that! Gotta go.Later


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