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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hey Killer,

How are you feeling today,stud...hopefully you made it home safe, ate some spaghetti and maybe a little crow...Just wanted send you off a little note to thank you for both complimenting my being and insulting my intelligence last night-classy. I guess you are from Mississippi, where admiration riddled with abuse is considered Also,for the record, if I was really just using my boyfriend for room and board you and I would be deep in the throws of freaky monkey love right now instead of tripping through cyberspace-so give me a little credit drinky. That said, I really enjoy sitting down with you on wednesdays for a little beer and please,don't disappoint. I promise,I'll be good in a good way no shots this time-liquor shots,money shots or otherwise.
say hi to your girlfriend for me.

Mistress Gita


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