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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

being an asshole has its limitations as karma,or whatever you choose to call the forces that be,steps in at inopportune times to policeassholes as our heroine happens to be...I am sick. I am tired. I am in Paris.the weather has been in flux between bad and intolerable andhaving a bitch of a cold the last thing i need to do is wander thestreets but alas the MIJE kicks out its little bums between 12-3...soi start walking my street worn little person around this great bigcity...its sunday and most things are closed and there is a stiff drizzle that is attempting to become thing you know I am lost,no lost doesnt cut it-when you are lost,there is hope to be found-I was a step beyond that...I turned onto this street where I was the only lady not working...noon on a sunday and the place was littered with hookers,strip joints,pimps and other unsavories-oh,yeah,and me-lets not i speed up the pace a sa man walks up to me grabs his testicles and asks me in the most vulgar french what am i going to do about it...i escape turn onto another street much like the one i left and slip and fall flat on yeah...karma...Im trying to figure it what it was...trashing the hotel room in Nice or trying to run out on my bill in Barcelona or the smuggling of absinthe...stowing away on that train...or is it areminder of how i let myself down academically this trip...i had planned on visiting Islamic Spain-ditched it for a week of Siesta...Im trying to get into school mode as I start on wednesday...bright and early for International Relations...I went to the Arab Institute yesterday to prepare me for the second part of my Islamic course...In another life I was to minor in French...Im over that...six years I studied French Language and culture with little to show for it...Im babbling now which reminds me-did i say anything too wacky when I called you ripped from Barcelona? Apologies if so...later-


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