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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

strong statements
Fear. Fear is an incredible instinct. It is immaculate when it motivates, and powerful when it cripples. You fear of being alone should become motivation for staying single, exploring yourself and finding out just what makes you tick, what is missing,and seek to fill it on your own before you seek another to fill it for you. Learn to be all of one instead of half of two. Then comes true love, mature love, then comes marriage, then comes Andy with the baby carriage. I was in love, and for the first time, was left alone, as usually I do the leaving. I had choosen to mold my life to suite his and in the end, was incapable. I lashed out at him and he left me. As much as it hurt and still does, it was a blessing. I bought a ticket and came here,and am now an international woman of mystery.My time here is limited, because my lust for politics and success is larger than my wanderlust...i hope.


A big conscience is just another way of rationalizing fear. You are scared to be and mask it as compassion for others. The best thing you can do for others is be the best you can be...the process which cultivates you requires selfishness and pain,and really poor descision learn more from your mistakes than from your succcesses. Successr ewards your pride, failure rewards your future and moves you towards a real sense of yourself and happiness...During daylight there are stars, beautifuland delicate, but only after nightfall do you see need shadow to recognize light and appreciate beauty. Okay, that's all...I am starting to get preachy... confucius say : later kid...


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