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Friday, August 26, 2005

Dear You

okay, besides taking sexual inventory, what's up? I have become much more fluid in my sexuality as well. I had to come clean about my girl-girlness after watching a Shakira video...I found myself trolling her website, drooling. I guess I don't consider myself Bi-sexual just sexual. I kissed a girl about a month or so ago on a whim, and it was soft and wet and different...but I could never trade that for men. I love cock-which I guess is something we share these days? My boyfriend was not pleased with the fact I made out with a chick, which actually was refreshing-most guys pay for that kind of thing.

I'm glad I was there for ya...I can remember various talks we had about your sexuality. the first one being in Palm Springs, on that Park bench...Then I remember another in San Diego...I was afraid that our relationship was keeping you in the closet.I'm sad I lost you to the other team-you were a great lover! But que sera sera.

Gay Baseball. That is just goofy. I love it though....It seems uber-passionate. Passion for sports and the added element of sexuality making for an even more charged environment. i'm such a whore for passion...I love feeling.

keep in touch. First with you and when you find time, me.


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