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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In every restaurant there is a little civil war...back of the house vs front of the fine dining restaurants its an ego thing-the highly skilled and trained kitchen against the unskilled or marginally skilled waitstaff or as they are viewed-pack mules. In your bars and pub grills, the division is racial and/or socioeconomic.

more than just a little civil war here in the south...

I am a bartender...which in the front of the house is the top of the food chain...we make the most money and are management by proxy...and I love the back of the house...we cut up and drink together...some of the other bartenders actually believe one of the barbacks is retarded...yeah,so retarded he always makes jokes and puts'm over on me...

servers are jack asses.

also right now I am having many Katrina refugees at my bar...they tell stories,drink,laugh,cry...some strong folks


Blogger contradictoryfool said...

Retarded barbacks? I doubt it...I mean, hey, I was a barback. Wait a sec...yeah, he's retarded.*sigh*

4:06 AM  

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