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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hey Killer,

So,what have you been up to these days...besides ignoring my calls? I called you last night in a state of panic while burning the midnight oil...

See, as it so happens, Mr. Gita came home and surprised me with a bunch of paperwork-which was for the house he is trying to BUY us...House=commitment=future=FEAR!!!! So I called you, the greener grass.

To me you symbolize lush boundless rolling fields of green that I watch from my designated corner of the desert...not to say that the desert doesn't have a beauty all its own...but sometimes I want to escape and find an oasis...and I am officially talking solely in metaphors, and that is annoying...

changing the you think political science is an actual science or an enterprise?

and you should really read the tragedy of great power politics by john mearshiemer...

after I get through this initial period of too much work,stress, fear and delirium I will track you down-but would it kill you to call?

Mistress Gita


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Blogger The Most Boring Man in The Universe said...

I'm not sure who you are addressing, but if it is me, sorry I havent called, but I lack your # and I also lack a land line telephone

5:30 PM  

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