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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


so tues at the buc...the cook fell down drunk and wet himself...everyone got nuts and it turned into high drama...they were calling for someone to do CPR,and I went to check out the situation and HE WAS STILL BREATHING!!!I was pretty lit and I made a snide remark...or 5...Not a good sign when you entrust yourbar to a bartender who panics when dealing I spent the day at the new house, or as I call it "the country manor"...i see why women move into these houses...jacuzzi tubs...I came like three timestoday...jets,jets, and more jets which leads me to the next subject...I want to cook you dinner one of these nights when my cat and banter and what not...I called youtuesday night, but I was such a puddle...had you foundme it would have been necrophilia...i'm stalking you-until i get some stalk in me


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