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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Killer,

I wish you could be here...This city never fails to take my breath away, and I have been to a fair amount of cities in my day...I took a long walk , and I was so amazed by the transitions between neighborhoods...Hip night spots fell away and I was in the ghetto, and the ghetto melts into Japan town, which ends and becomes Pacific Heights-one of the more wealthy areas in a city full of wealthy areas.At liquor stores in Japan town you can find sake and asian savouries alongside pink champagne and moon pies.

This city makes me excited to be young. it is mystical with oceans and fog. It reminds me of who I was at 18 and excited for who I will be at 80.I want to be in love with another person like I am with this city. After 2 weeks of crying and sadness-I wake up each day and hit the streets, moving through neighborhoods, watching people in everyday motion...feeling so happy just to be.

I know every word I write is a cliche...but I say that is a good thing. I will only be who I am now, once, and I would rather fill this time with childlike wonder than old soul sensibility.

As far as getting out of the industry and all that. Had I not bartended, had you not sat at my bar, I would have missed out on you-the best of you I have yet to see-hell, I'm not sure you have seen the best of you yet. Everything happens for a reason-call it immaculate design...I can't wait to run into you again. But next time, you are buying.

Love, Lust, and Youthful Exuberance-me


Blogger Tiergan said...

New life. New things. No killer.

11:21 PM  

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