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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dear You,

my mom told me I am profoundly depressed. which, considering she is a shrink-is depressing. This is such a weird time. I spent the last few months detached and unfeeling and now I can't stop feeling. We were talking about Disney last night at Sushi and I merely mentioned Dumbo and I started bawling. I haven't even seen it since I was 8.

watching someone you love destruct is profoundly depressing. Feeling trapped and inept will getcha too. I keep going over the last year in my mind and try to figure out what happend and why. How did I end up in such a dark place?

It seems that the qualities I love about myself and hate about myself are just variations on a theme. A sense of adventure and lust for life, a respect for individuality and attraction to eccentricity- could also be read as self-destructive, unstable,egocentric, prone to unhealthy relationships.


There are no real answers I guess. You just live and learn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

infatti non ci sono risposte.

o forse sì.

ho capito quale è il mio problema, e forse anche il tuo, a volte. l'impazienza, questa fame di vita ci porta a scelte affrettate, a fare, come mi disse salvatore, delle scelte "tampone" le scelte definitive.

a volte dovremmo renderci conto che ormai siamo esseri umani adulti, ponderare le cose, pianificare, riflettere in modo pronto e concreto e agire con calma.

non so, sono queste le riflessioni degli ultimi giorni.

stai tranquilla, prendi atto di quello che è stato, analizzalo senza colpevolizzarti e vai avanti.

2:15 AM  

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