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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The value of a number
I was a chubby a teen,so I was hard wired early on to know the value of a number-not just any number-the one that tells you how much you are worth-your size.
today i bought pants in size I have not been in 10 years. An 11. In that last year or so I went from a 7 to an 11...if I were in Vegas, that may be a good thing-but I am in Grad school-I just got busy and ate when I could and went from working out 5 times a week to riding my bike to school 2 times a week.
and I think of the numbers.
I was working at a bar here in memphis where I had to dress as a naughty school girl-I starved myself into a 5 and then thought better of it and went to work at an Irish pub where girls were allowed to eat.So then I let myself be a 7.
But then I started grad school and guinness became guinn-ass.My boyfriend won't touch I am an elephant or something.
In two days I leave for San Francisco. I was a size 11 when I moved to SF in 96...Though the boyfriend is the most important weight I need to shed-it would be nice to shave off a size or two.
Hopefully I will find some fun guy to help me work it off.


Blogger tideliar said...

fly safe babe. be here for you.

2:41 PM  

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