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Saturday, June 17, 2006

So I had to tune in to the Italy v U.S...rooting for Italy because as Danimal so kindly pointed out "I am a traitor to my country"...That game embarassed me to no end. The Italians were playing like it was a casual partito out in a Calabrian bean field-UNTIL they got hit and then it was the most overly dramatic fall and knee grab one could possibly manage. I was on the phone with Italy during the game, aping them, while swallowing my pride on this side of the globe. Um...could they have picked greasier italians to play? It looked as if they dipped the whole team in crisco. Well, hopefully the next game will prove less horrifying. Unless the Ref in that game is taking pay-offs as well.


Blogger Alessandro De Vanna said...

Hi Mistress, every time you send me a post you make me feel happy. I agree with you about Italy vs. Usa. Vermocane is a worm that grows into the water of the boat. It lives alone. Have a nice day!! Bye bye

1:18 AM  

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