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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So I am trying to enjoy the days and stay in at night-focus on more healthy living-after 4 years of shaving years off my life on I looped around Berkley-ate Mexican food for the first time in years...recharged my batteries. If i have learned anything it is that I am a California girl. I don't like limits. I don't like accepting that I am inflexible or unable to adapt-but just standing still today, while the city moved...I felt incredible. I saw people and I couldn't tell what race they were, and no one seemed to care. Not that there isn't racism here but it is like Californians are trying to fuck themselves grey-like a cultural pangea. when I went to the mexican place they carded me and my i.d. is from tennessee. The waiter was curious about that. He asked me, in his thick accent, what I was doing here. I said I was a Californian who had returned. He welcomed me back, and in his voice there was this judgement about the south, from him, a fresh off the boat immigrant-that made me laugh.

Also, I need to express my undying gratitude to the Danimal. Even though I met him while at 24, so the foundation of our relationship was built on lies, he has been there when no one else was, would, or could be. I consider him my closest friend and personal saviour. well, not my saviour because I am a jew and that doesn't jive. Even if he refers to himself in the universal "we". Last night we drank spiced rum and watched Family Guy. well, I did, he just got rip roaring drunk and made me laugh. Drunken Postulations are the best.

oh, and the Berkley Bowl is the best-olive bar, awesome cheeses, crusty bread and wine...I feel a picnic coming on.


Blogger Alessandro De Vanna said...

Hi Mistress, nice to meet you! My name is Alessandro, and i am an italian cool bad boy. i like writing and painting. when do you move here? First: I'm sorry for my bad English. Second: you make me feel happy; i haven't got american blog-friends, you're the first one. I hope that speaking with you i'll be able to learn something more. Please write to me when you wont. I'll try to send you some longer post in the next days. La Provinciale is the girls that made me loose my blog-verginity ;-) That's all for the moment. See you soon. I hope you'll enjoy me. Don't loose yourself

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ma chi è sto fantomatico "danimal", scusa il vuoto di memoria?

cerca di riprenderti mentre sei lì.

10:21 AM  

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