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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sam and Bo=SamBo? family is quirky to say the least...always have been, but as they grow older-quirky is quickly becoming crazy. I came home for Father's day and surprised my dad who I haven't seen in three years, and haven't spent Father's day with for atleast 8. He came from work and found my mom and I just standing there, waiting for him to react and he started laughing saying I could have "called or sent a card" (he was joking). Then he introduced me to his birds Sam and Bo. He told me he bought the birds because he was sick of mourning dogs when they passed, he wants the pet to outlive him and be sad-for once.

The birds talk. Well,they mimic my dad-so basically the birds curse like sailors. One bird will make noise and the other will say " You're an Asshole" or "Shut the fuck up". The other "God damn it:" and it will go on. I was in tears laughing. My dad also was told by the employees at the credit union that he can no longer bring his birds in with him when he comes in to do banking transactions-so my dad is the crazy old guy with the talking bird at the bank.Yup, I share that DNA and can look forward to being nutty senior citizen-which pleases me to no end.

My parents also do that thing where they talk about each other to me when one is in the other room. Not mean, horrible insults-just crazy old people stuff. Like my mom quit smoking 12 years ago-but started up again 11 years ago. My father and I both know and have always known but say nothing to Mom because she likes having her little secret. When she went out on some mission-which was really just an opportunity to smoke-Dad had a rant about it that was comic gold.

I am definitely extending my stay.


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