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Monday, July 10, 2006

"Your Life isn't Like Other Peoples'"

Spanky has said that too me many a time, and I have rifuted it. I mean we are all individuals and we are all the same. That's humanity. whatever. But right life is a little strange. I am sharing a bed with a guy I am not having sex with-which seems to be a common theme in my life-but in this instance it is different. I am in San Francisco, yet still attracting Calabrians like flies. Today I stopped into a Caffe in the Marina-a decidely un-Italian quarter. Not 30 seconds later, in walks a Calabrian guy and his hot friend, who was poca fidabile. We chatted for awhile and he made fun of my accent.

I guess my point is that things are so up in the air right now. I am just waiting for them to fall into place.

I am focusing on getting my body healthy. I am looking to put my finances in order so I can go to Italy for the Holidays.

I miss Raffaella. I feel better when she is close.

And the biggest Tragedy of all time is my relationship with Enzo. Here is this good-hearted, smart, funny guy-and we love each other to death-but can't be together. I have never laughed with anyone like I laugh with him. unfortunately the flip side of that is we fought just as hard.We talk all the time, but it just will never be.

I am destined to either never marry or marry an Italian.

I can't win.


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