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Thursday, November 03, 2005

so I work in a restaurant...that should automatically tell you two things about me: I drink and I have a reason to drink. For those of you who aren't familiar with the industry, let me cultivate you a is an industry that accepts strays...bring us your hedonistic,self serving, transient, immaculate, working mothers, working girls,drag queens and drag asses...and I, somewhere in the middle,lover of food,good wine, great conversation...individual of love, passion and all its instabilities...that said...I work in a restaurant...and last night I almost lost my mind...I never wanted to manage, but it was the natural progression of things...oh, and entering a management was what I call the "the Golden handcuffs" to make 2 grand a month talking to people and dropping drinks, I had take the keys-which means responsibility-accountability.Last night, me, non power hungry, trying to keep the boh vs foh peace, had to write up my whole front of the house...I had my constitutional law midterm the following morning so I couldnt send them home and wait tables myself until be continued


Blogger Tiergan said...

You have a sharp mind. It'd be a shame to lose it.

Heh... "golden handcuffs" is phrase I am familiar with. Kinda feel that way about my job sometimes too.

I'm glad your test went well...

So, where's part 2? =P

9:01 PM  

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