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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Soundtrack:

Neutral Milk Hotel-Oh Comely!

Archie Bronson Outfit-Kink

Federico Aubele-Ante Tus Ojos


The Replacements-Waitress in The Sky

Robert Wyatt-Sea Song

Jeff Magnum-Gardenhead

White Stripes-Jolene

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Miles Away

Mott the Hoople-All the Way to Memphis

Set Fire To Flames-Signs Reign Rebuilder (the whole album)

Lucio Battisti-Amarsi un po


Ik Ben-Cezanne...

Appleyard College-Twice or Our Abandon/On Walden

Fabrizio de Andre-Via Del Campo

Richard Hell and The Voidoids-Love Comes in Spurts

The Cramps-T.V. Set

Pearl Jam- Severed Hand

Mark Isham-Sirend

Peaches-Fuck the Pain Away

Anything by Home


I really didn't socialize much this summer-kept to myself, loved the city, listened to music, sorted out my head...

My mother and I had a big dinner and mapped out the next 8 months or so..then laughed at lot which is one of. the perks of having a mom who is a psycologist I guess. She agrees I should go to Italy and COMPLETE my TEFL course-which means not fighting with the trainers and getting kicked out of the program 3 days before its completion-build my resume with something that doesn't including flipping bottles or dropping plates.

I am so excited. I will go to Italy, auditon guys for my harem,further my education and eat mozzerella.


Blogger Red said...

I LOVE Via del Campo by De André, but my favourite of his songs is probably Il Testamento di Tito. Do you know it?

What exactly is your relationship with Italy? Do you have family there? Are you Italian yourself?

5:40 AM  

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