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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Since my return to California, I have been getting back to basics...the things that I enjoy most, things that make me happy-without being self-destructive (because as many of you know, if there is anything you can set your watch to-is me engaging in some risky behaviour...cocaine and calabrian men being my biggest vices-followed closely by...well actually that is pretty much it...maybe wine and shoes)

but this summer, I dedicate to music. To rediscovering music I have forgotten,and to discovering new music...

but through all of this downloading...I have been sort of reliving the past. It is trite, but I am totally overwhelmed by emotions and memories when I hear certain songs, certain bands...

The first time I heard "Bocca di Rosa" by Fabrizio de Andre, I was in Naples with a guy I met in Barcelona. My mother had come to visit me in Italy and we went to Naples so I could see Naples ( a difficult city for a tourist) with real neapolitans. I sent mom to bed, and went out for a night of wine and pizza with the Napulitan'. We met up with his friends, and the took me up to a spot overlooking the city, and sang along to De Andre-but also, traditional Neapolitan music. The stars, the bay of naples, the guys...what an evening. And for people that think all Neapolitans are rude or barbaric-nobody laid a hand on me-they were very sweet, also to my mom.Gaetano Luciano-where are you?

The Sonic Youth is all Jon Sigmon, acid, Bessie.
The songs Becuz,Little Trouble Girl and Goo remind me of jenni (his girlfriend) at the time)

The first time I ever heard "Via del Campo" I was naked and eating sopressata/cacciacavallo with Giovanni Corigliano. We vwere in my apartment in Borgo dei Greci...and lived by candlelight.

I could go on...

Neutral Milk Hotel...summer of 98. period.

The Cramps...bartending.

Lou Reed, Battisti, Renato Carusone=Enzo.

Pino Daniele reminds me of what good can come out of Naples...Gigi D'Alessio the WORST.



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