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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So I recently got hired at a 24hr diner in a hip neighbourhood. My shift starts at 10pm and runs until 6 or 7 am. I thought this would be positive and keep me out of trouble. Let's just say the change of hours has left me jetlagged and I am going to decline the job.

The first night there was a cute little gay boy training me.Or so I thought.When I asked him why he was quitting he said "to have my hysterectemoy".

run that over your noggin'

plus the rest of the freaks...and a guy who wanted to pop out his glass eye for a discount to up his punk rock cred.

I am not in San Francisco for long enough to not to enjoy it. Anzi, I am not on the planet long enough not to see the sun for days on end.It is unhealthy.

I need to go to Memphis to work out my school schedule.

Mr. Gita wants me to come back as well. At first I thought about dating him,having my own place-but I am seeing signs that nothing has changed. I will not go back to him even on a partime basis-if things are how they were.



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