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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dialetto Calabrese=Antidote to Sadness?

I have had a long sad week...Terry has been gone (which is generally a good thing) but between the heat and my inability to drive I have had almost no human contact.

It has been me,the puppies,and myspace-which is all very depressing. The dogs have grown bored of me.At first I ran thru the sprinlers and danced with the pups-now they just loo at me like "enough is enough give me a milk bone"

I was feeling all mopey and going to channel my inner Ringwald (as in molly ringwald) and write about my intense feelings of isolation etc...then Enzo called.

He made me laugh, totally cheered me up. He talked about his week at Tropea, about hiding from a chubby ten year old boy from Torino, about Napulitani eating roasted meat and letting their children run naked on the beach-good times. Enzo is probably one of the most quietly witty people I know...(Seymore may have him beat)...he just cracks me up.

He turns 30 this year and I will be in Italy for it. Our birthdays are 10 days apart, and we celebrate them togther when we can. He pointed out that we first spent our birthdays together when I was turning 22,and he 23. He said not much has changed, we are still close, he still puts up with my shit I just don't put out anymore. Poor kid.

He makes me laugh at myself. I wish I could maintain the same kind of intimacy with someone I am sleeping with.

This should be an interesting trip.


Blogger Red said...

Good old Enzo, eh? What would we do... where would we be without these Italian boys who make us laugh at ourselves?

And isn't Tropea where they have those gorgeous red onions?

9:18 AM  

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