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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I have been having terrible nightmares.

there have been similar,isolation,homelessness,anger,fear of being attacked...oh,and losing my teeth. Last night I dreamt I was lost in what I thought was Italy, but everyone kept calling the neighborhood "east'n" and then I realized I was outside of London. It was late,I had no where to sleep. A man tried to attack me, then my back teeth feel out, and I was just staring at them in my hand.Then I woke up.

part of this comes from actual,tangible fear. I have been alone at the house while Terry is in Colorado-and as many of you know-I had a man break into my bedroom when I was 11-and lately there have been home invasions in Memphis.So my old fears have married a very real,but new much as I like to sleep alone,mama is scared.

Plus,I have anxiety about the future, about returning to Italy and auditioning men for my harem (;,about finding my way...

I don't know. I just wake up tired.


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