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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hey Killer,

so you are going to be what...2 months?January the what???13?21?Hmmmm...what do you want for your birthday? Do you have a private office or do you share

>who was that guy with you last night? and why does heknow you so well???also that mississippi state girl seemed fond of you...I can only imagine why...There is a CD I play while bartending-I bought last year with some Kudzu tip money-(obviously not your tipmoney-cuz all the money you tipped the whole time I worked there wouldn't equal a CD)-anyways, it remindsme of you...considering we met around this time last year...the smells,the weather...i know you won't come to my bar...but I work saturday day downtown...and sunday day...I'm staying downtown and may go out for a few...can you take onefor the team and join me for a little banter-even if it is one at my bar and back to your niche bar



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