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Friday, October 27, 2006

Restaurants are worlds unto themselves...certain codes apply secretly and universally...we are kinda like the Masons but with wine tools and gross amounts of undeclared income...

That said-when you, a new hire, walk into a restaurant, even if you are a rookie-you should display a certain amount common sense and seem knowlegeable overall-or the senior staff will smell blood and will haze you.

They will send you to other restaurants looking for non-existant products like 'meat glue', cucumber paste, buckets of steam etc.

You may find yourself carrying bags of bricks, buckets of colored water, or endlessly draining the coffee machine-

and when you head into another restaurant looking for a refill of bar neon or packets of dehydrated water-no one will let you in on the joke-they will pass you off to another restaurant until you return back to your shop-out of breath and empty handed-where everyone will laugh at you.

We are a surly band of rogues...but it is great fun on a good day and on a bad day worse than working a deep fryer in the nude.


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