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Thursday, March 16, 2006

So I quit my job.

See, I was already struggling with the whole move to management-because not only was it a huge....HUGE pay cut, I have issues with authority-hence being the authority was a tad bit awkward.

Then a 25 year old girl with a limited restaurant resume became my boss after failing as a memphis police officer-which is pretty embarassing because the median IQ of the Memphis Police Force is 70.

Though I love the girl, working for her was a comedy of errors and I was done.

Then I found out I was fat.

Seems the regional manager had some misgivings about me bartending on ST PATs because she felt I was so fat other bartenders couldn't move around me.

Um, Mr. Gita bartended 2 St PATs and he is huge. She doesn't care about men, but women have to be skeletal-like her. She is 90 lbs with fake tits.

eat a sandwich, tits will grow on their own.

so I quit.

I got my whole staff drunk then left, wished them luck.

oh, but I managed to change the name of my managers to appropriate vugarities in the system computer.

oh and I lost Spanky. He was there, then gone. Spanky are you out there

But on that note, life has only gotten better.

I decided to change my major to Criminal Justice.

I am a stay at home mom to my puppy.

My personal life is in order...



Blogger Tiergan said...

I'm still around, more or less.

I will likely be out an about drinking downtown tomorrow night, though I'm not so much in the mood.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

giustizia criminale!!

11:59 PM  

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