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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In Vino,Vomitas
So I was talking with my good friend Wagonboulder today, in lieu of our friend MicroHylbert's pending nuptials.We hadn't spoken in some time and I was trying to ascertain exactly when it was...
Flashback 3 years...I am in Limbo between Guatemala and Memphis.I am in San Francisco saying good-byes and at times, good riddance. I decided to do an open mic and was drinking whisky...the Mad Poet was there and we read.So was Wagonboulder. The next thing I know we are all crammed into a dive bar in the Tenderloin, drinking sangria-which was fortified with brandy-which I didn't know until it came up, much.. much.. MUCH.. later.After the Sangria I was time travelling so I can't give you time frames...but there are flashes of the Redwood room at the Clift Hotel and 200 smacks a bottle of vino...Wagonbutter-the epicurean-insisted on good wine after the swill from the tenderloin...then the Mad Poet tried to take me home and Wagonbitter found me in the ladies room half passed out...then he put me in his BMW and I started to projectile he put me in a room at the Clift to save his interior...

So, he spends about 1000 bucks on wine, room, and BMW detailing-and poof-I disappear into that good-night-until now.

let this be a cautionary tale.

1.For a 1000 bones Wagonboner should have had more than just wine-and less vomit.
2.You can dress me up but you can't take me ANYWHERE.
3. I will never be a high return on your investment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No sweat Esme. It should be noted that I put the put the whole thing "On Underhill" -- WagonChaperone

2:56 PM  

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