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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So I met a stranger on the train last night...and for the first time, in a long time, I was honest. Really honest. We talked about our lives, our reservations about the relationships we were in and the pathes that we were on. I liked him. It seems that whenever I resign to complacency I meet someone who shakes me to the core and then rattles my bones. How do you say bones in Poruguese?Maybe it was the tequila, tequila is always a suspect in my book, but I would be said if we weren't on the same train again. Maybe I need to sprain my ankle and go to Long Island Jewish Hospital.


Blogger potterphreak said...

You, not honest? Now that's not the Gita I remember! If I recall correctly, you were usually so honest it hurt. Do you remember the bull sessions we used to have? LOL Can you imagine them now, what with the politics and life experiences we have earned?
PS-I hate Dubya too!!!!! During his first election I told anyone who listened that I thought he was the devil. I honestly don't know how he got elected.
PPS-I have updated my blog as of Wednesday.

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