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Monday, February 06, 2006

Let me preface this whole little anecdote as fiction (wink,wink) so as not to draw too much attention to myself by law enforcement or my employer...
Ahhhh...downtown could be mars, it could be uranus...but if anything, I promise you, you will find more snow here than in aspen,colorado-and skiing here has a whole other definition.
flashback a month...I walk into a full ladies' room on a friday night. I had already enjoyed a few adult cocktails and was using the facilities before heading home.One of my bartenders was in the bathroom..drunk..but no suprises there...she's a bartender.And to her credit, off the's where the story turns .In front of god and a whole bathroom full of people(which can be a lot scarier than god on the weekends) she pulls out a bag of blow.(that's cocaine to those of you born after 1985).Now I am her boss, and she was a new hire...and we are in the building we work that would make it bad move-but it gets worse.She asks me to SHOW HER HOW TO DO IT!!!!! First off, we had never even talked about drugs...and I'm not a skinny little thing-so I don't look the part-the only thing I could figure is that she was crazy, didn't know how to ease into the situation, and since I was her boss-she looked to me for direction.As her boss I am supposed to be there to show her how to make a drink-use the computer-etc.Needless to say-I just turn around and leave for home.
I am no saint...I have dabbled in the dark arts...I have enjoyed a rather hedonistic lifestyle...but that skank-I didn't trust her. Not even enough to take her drugs-and that is bad.
Flashforward to today. I change the schedule in such away that she will be fired. She comes in with her dialed turned to 11, as always, and while being fired trys to say I am the drug addict-and she is the dependable worker-which is laughable because she was obviously on something.Then she sits down at the bar-gets drunk-asks the bartender for drugs.
Since she is a paranoid junkie narc-I called my friends who work in restaurants and told them not to hire her-because you can't trust a junkie around money and liquor.
what a day.
Go Steelers!


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