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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So I was listening to G-Dub's speech at the pro-life march a few days ago and it still makes me boil.
I still don't accept that man as my president. I wouldn't trust him to have the intellectual capacity to dry-wall my house-no less act as the diplomatic face of my beloved country.
not that beloved,who am I kidding.
meanwhile, on washington, bush is spearheading a political and cultural devolution. but that is okay, he believes in creation, so it isn't his fault- jesus just made him stupid and gave him the power to play god with everyone elses' life.
what I am getting at is this...if you believe in god, you should know that the constitution protects you and your beliefs.
that is what the country is founded on. People have the right to believe in jesus or jello and the government has no right to tell you otherwise.
the division of church and state is essential in protecting democracy,or atleast the semblence of it. the difference between us and iran is the difference between a theocracy and democracy.
protect your faith by keeping it out of congress.
any legislation surrounding gay marriage-pro or con-is inherently flawed.
it is a law based or influenced by religious beliefs.
that in itself is unconstitutional.
untangle marriage (a religious union) from civil ceremonies...then march on washington...
until then...don't let the politicians fool you and don't be a pawn in somebodies chess game.
bush doesn't care about you, he just cares about the mirror...
I'm not sure how he can even face that every day...


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