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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fuck Me...

well, momma has some serious decisions to make.

what to do,what to do.

so, for the last 5 years I have wrestled with the same two things

1.Committ to an agressive career in America

2.Get my TEFL credential,not certificate, but credential-and live in Italy.

It has been almost 5 years to the day, since I was told that I would not be working with the Union.Since then,I have struggled to become something else. I have made excuses, I have travelled. I have had deviant sex with a guy from Crotone. Now I am 28, scared, and needing answers.

the credential would allow me to teach in america-or abroad. it would allow me the freedom of being in Italy until I felt like returning to america-if I felt like returning. My time in europe would only bolster my Curriculum Vitae.

If I nail down a salting campaign or continue with my studies in criminal justice-I will have the career I want-but will have to give up Italy, or resign it to 2 weeks a year if I am lucky/

The last few years I go back and forth between here and Italy and I look for answers.

I have always been dragged back here by the people. but now the people I missed are gone to me anyway.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I might have had a bit of drug problem up until I came out here. Not to say that D and I didn't get high and watch zombie movies today-but in general-I am living better.

I want to find a child like old soul.

I want my raffaella close.

I want to do something for my country-no matter how small.

I need advice. I need to be organized.

I need sex.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

amica mia, non stavo criticando, fai sesso quanto ne vuoi con tutti i minchioni del mondo, basta che non siano ulteriore fonte di stress e crisi di identità.

è molto frustrante, anche io ancora non c'ho capito niente.
tutti i miei coetanei hanno un lavoro decente, a volte più che decente o almeno hanno capito che vogliono fare della loro vita. sono tutti professionisti affermati, pubblicisti di prodi, psicologi (patrizia questo luglio si sposa) medici, avvocati, bla bla. io sono ancora irrimediabilmente una cunna

8:37 AM  

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