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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Americans are ignorant,pompous, fools.... with this last world cup, america has found a new project-taking a sport that is popular in every other place on the planet-and tailoring it to fit our fat,ignorant,imperialist needs.

We have a war going on, our economy is in ruins,if things don't change course-within my lifetime, we will either become a province of china or a non-exisistant crater when all of our enemies get together to nuke us-

Yet when I turn on the news or open the paper-there are talking heads discussing how soccer needs a little "je ne sais quoi" to be relevant to us. Even though american viewership of the world cup rose 180% in just four years.

And as far as what will make soccer more relevant-there are the quick fixes

1.Cheerleaders-boobs sell.period
2.Helmets-americans like metal incorporated into their sports-look at nascar.
3.Free stuff
4.Hot dogs

But in all honesty-it is simply a matter of time.People love the sports they love because, strategy aside-nostalgia. You say "baseball" and americans automatically have images of sunday afternoons with grandpa and apple pie. But baseball is just a group a guys running in a circle-some hit stuff, others catch the ball-but seriously-not much to it.

Nascar is the fasting growing sport in america right now-and it is cars driving in one direction-really fast. COME ON!!!

Oh, and soccer,because it can end in a tie-or as the New York Times said with what is essentially "a flip of a coin"-is far to cerebral and hardly flashy enough for american tastes.

Sports originated as a reflection of the society or time that bore them-a sort of passion isn't clear cut, it doesn't always end in confetti and cereal boxes.I think that a stalemate can be decided by something as arbitrary as a penalty kick or coin flip-is more real and relevant-than shoulder pads-half times shows-and corporate campaigns.

and passing gas is more relevant than,say,NASCAR.

plus soccer boys glisten.they glisten.


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