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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Last night was do I explain it or where do I start?? Everything started out normal...Spanky came to the Mistress at the pub and we had a beer...we went to the Buccaneer and we saw Killer at a table. Now,Killer and I, if you have read my blog-are horrible together. There is a definite chemistry between us-and remember, chemistry can lead to a bomb...Killer and I in the same room is like a moltov cocktail-literally...we drink,argue about our non-relationship, flirt relentlessly,argue some more...its kinda like a scene from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe" or possibly a really bad outtake from "Barfly". Last night was no different...Except for the fact Spanky's virgin eyes were there.

we walk out of the bar and he starts screaming at me.I am quite drunk and now I am scared.
I have him take me to the nearest safe spot and I jump out at a stop sign.He is begging me not to go and promising me that he won't hurt me- but vodka or no vodka-my instinct to flee is strong...I travel alone,I HAVE to trust my gut...

What Spanky doesn't understand (attn spanky) is that getting drunk and flirting with a redneck is as close to exciting as I get these days...I am living a pretty conventional,house,work,school...we are still in the bar business-so think less roses and more rumpleminze...

apologies to all...including Killer-and his beer soaked slacks and ego


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